We are praying, planning, and casting a vision to build The Citadel, a community center, which will house CCA Secondary. This multi-functional facility will provide more classrooms for our Secondary students to learn culinary arts, computer science, welding, auto mechanics and many other trades. It will also provide a much-needed practice facility for our sports teams and students to gather.
Like Nehemiah, who had a burden for the broken walls of Jerusalem, we believe the Rio Grande Valley has many broken walls that need repair. Our children need a community which promotes moral standards led by role models who can pour into their lives. We believe that CCA and the Citadel will not only help our community but can be a model for other communities to change the culture of their cities and provide our children a future with promise.
We have been praying and planning for a year and we have already developed a model detailing the space and use for The Citadel. You can watch the video and see a flyover of what we have been working on.  Please join us as we pray for God to provide for this work and prayerfully consider your part in this endeavor.  I believe that God has placed us in this community like Esther “for such a time as this.”
-Pastor Ray Jaramillo