David grew up around the world in a military family. Until his family moved back to the states in 1995, David didn't really have much interaction with the church, other than summer Christian Kids for Christ programs at school. Even though he accepted Christ at the age of 12 and was baptized at 18, a real true walk didn't start for David until he was 25. His family moved to New Mexico his senior year where he graduated from El Dorado High. After pursuing sports in middle school and high school, but being plagued with injury after injury, David turned to music after graduating in 2000 and started to teach himself to play guitar. This wasn't a huge surprise as he had been part of band and choir through elementary, middle and high school.
As David started helping lead the youth worship team at Del Norte Baptist Church his love for rock music and a desire to take things outside the church walls quickly transformed into a Christian Rock band (More Than Words). During this new musical pursuit, he bounced from job to job while finally finishing a degree at the University of New Mexico. Graduating in December of 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Education (emphasis in math), David realized it was not the career he had hoped for and decided to opt out of teaching and continue to pursue music. After royally messing things up with the band, he asked the Lord what he should do with the gifts and talents given to him. The Lord answered by leading David to a church plant in Albuquerque in 2004. After attending for a few months, the pastor approached him with the statement that he believed the Lord brought him to the church to be the worship leader. With much prayer David decided to accept the volunteer position and thus began the journey of a call from God. This is also where he met and married his bride Christina. During the 2010-2011 school year, David attended the School of Ministry at Calvary of Albuquerque where he studied Old and New Testament, Apologetics, Biblical Counseling, and Theology amongst other areas of study. In November 2010, he transitioned out of his current worship position and began helping lead worship at the new satellite campuses in Santa Fe, and the downtown Calvary Albuquerque. He also worked at Parchments bookstore on the main campus from May 2011 until August 2013. During this time, he knew the Lord was preparing him for the next season of ministry. After two and a half years of waiting, praying, serving and searching for jobs coast to coast, God finally opened the door 30 miles south in Belen at CCRGV where David has been serving since August 2013. David oversees the worship ministry at the church and works in the graphic arts ministry as well. He is also an avid supporter of good, strong, fresh, black coffee.